Atlanta's Foremost Transgender Woman


Atlanta's Foremost Transgender Woman


Shopping Tips for New Crossdressers

Ever fantasize of changing from a crossdresser that looks - like this?

Before After Crossdressser 01

To this?

Before After Crossdressser 01a

Yep -
that’s me - in both photos!

If you're just starting your crossdressing journey - you'll find lots of free and fun information at my website.

Perhaps you harbored "transition fantasies": I sometimes imagined getting transgender Breast Augmentation or at the very least - seeing breast growth from MTF Hormone Therapy.

My website provides a comprehensive guide on how to get the most out of your crossdressing life. If you someday think you might want to go further? I offer a detailed handbook about how to successfully change genders as a TS.

The best part?

It's all free!

Additional Chapters in This Section Include:

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Tips for Beginning Fetish Crossdressers
Crossdressing Tips - Beginners
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Crossdressing Shopping and Fashion Guide
Tips for Taking Great Photos as a Crossdresser
Learning to Live Happily as a Part Time Trans-Woman
Tips for Wives and Girlfriends of Crossdressers
Sex and the Transgender Girl

Crossdressing Transformation Introduction
Crossdressing Exercise Tips
Crossdresser Diet Tips
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Transgender Arm Size Reduction
Feminization Tips for Crossdressers
Learn to Walk Like a Lady

Wig Selection and Care
Buying New Wigs
Wig Buying Tips for Crossdressers
Buying a Full Set of Hairpieces
Wig Care and Maintenance Tips

Crossdresser Shopping Tips

With all these challenges, what are the most important shopping rules? 

  • Only buy from stores with a 30 day return policy. I learned to live by this rule - you can as well. No Return Policy? No Renee's just that simple. Almost every item I never wear - was a result of not being able to return something I thought would fit - or I would make fit.

  • Don't remove the tags on a new purchase for one week. Remember how fashion transports us? Well - it can transport good judgment as well. I can't begin to add up the number of items I bought that fit perfectly, looked great - and seemed worthless to me a few days after I bought them. Resist the temptation to wear them and seal your ownership - keep the tags on them for seven days.

Additional Chapters in This Section Include:

Crossdressing Shopping and Fashion Tips
How to Get Past the Nervousness of Buying Women's Clothing
Crossdresser Size Conversion Charts
Tips for Trying on Women's Clothes in Stores
Important Shopping Rules for Crossdressers
Shopping On-Line for Women's Clothing
Crossdressing Fashion Secrets: Wardrobe Essentials for Crossdressers
Crossdressing Fashion Secrets
Crossdressing Fashion Supplies and Accessories

Shopping for Ladies Shoes as a Crossdresser

As I explained previously, your female shoe size is about two sizes larger than your male size. Thus, if you wear a “size 10” male shoe? You’ll wear a twelve in ladies footwear.

The problem we face?

Most ladies shoes are only offered up to a size 11. We all love to hate those rare trans-girls with little male feet that can shop any ladies shoe rack to their heart’s content.

For those of us with larger feet? Shopping shoes - particularly fun styles at affordable pieces - can be a depressing endeavor.

The internet made things better much better. If you wear a size 10 or below in men’s shoes? You can find great selection of affordable women’s styles at
Aerosoles. They carry women's sizes in almost every style up to Size 12 (Women's). They’re almost all I wear now.

If you need larger shoes? This place carries just about everything:

three great shopping guidelines for beginning T-Girl
Until you get comfortable with being able to peg your size  - by just looking at a garment - I'd suggest the following:

1.  Make your first purchases at Thrift Stores. (Goodwill, Salvation Army, etc.) You can get surprisingly nice items for only a few bucks. Whatever doesn't fit, you can take back, donate, and even get a little tax deduction.

After a few trips, you'll start to get a handle on your fem size. This will most economically help you find the colors that look good on you. What I first thought was my color - was totally wrong!. Also - usually not crowded - easy enough to try on femme clothes.

2. Focus on spandex type fabrics. They give you a better margin for error and will adjust easier with weight changes. Look for at least 5% spandex - even in a pair of jeans - it helps make any outfit with fitting Since we don't dress 24/7 - we can always use the negotiability. *Smile*

3. Stick to items that are sized small, medium, large and XL. These garments are designed to include a slight range of sizes. You'll make fewer early mistakes buying this way.

4. Shop the Sales. When you first start shopping - most every ladies garment will be a least somewhat appealing to your senses. Over time you'll come to appreciate there are perhaps more hot women's clothes in this world - than Chinamen. *Laugh* Be patient with price - it pays.

Tips for Shopping at a Thrift Store

I'm sorry - I simply have to say this:  A lot of t-girls shop at Thrift Stores -
and it shows.

I can't begin to tell you the number of gals I've met that bragged about their dress only costing $3.00 - and I felt like telling them they paid too much.

Thrift stores are an awesome source to affordably add key items to your wardrobe. However, it takes skill to know how to shop at them - and not end up with junk. Following is my best tips for thrifty management:
  1. Learn first. Begin by shopping at the best retail establishments. Yes, the ones where dresses cost $1,000 apiece. Why? I want you to note the brands. I want you to examine the stitching, In other words...I want you to become a student of quality. This - will pay off in spades when you shop thrifts. You don't have to buy a $3,000 dress...but I want you very familiar with what one looks like.

  1. Shop quality. When you shop Thrifts - look for the same kind of quality and brands you saw in the finest stores. There is a reason women aren't in that Thrift buying every item in sight. A lot of it is junk. The treasures - take time to unearth.
  2. Visit a variety of Thrifts. A Thrift stores inventory is most closely associated with its surrounding neighborhood. This is where 80% of its clothing comes from via donation. Try visiting stores in different areas to find a basic mix you find most appealing.
  3. Check the end racks. People often try on the best items in the store. As store personnel return items to the rack - they often lazily put these items on the ends of each major section. If you're in a hurry - check the ends.  
  4. Consider the base garment. Thrifts are the absolutely best source for purchases if you're skilled at sewing for acquiring a base garment to add decorative accessories. Think creatively!
  5. Don't just shop clothes. Many thrift stores are your very best source for accessories. Always check the purses, the belts - and particularly - the costume jewelry.
  6. Consider Value. Certain female clothes are necessary evils. We all need top coats that aren't quite so masculine - yet we hesitate to invest in them at a department store. Thrifts often carry extremely high quality sweaters. Because of this - I forced myself to learn about wearing them fashionably - and developed some low cost stunning ensembles. Think as you shop!