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Atlanta's Foremost Transgender Woman

What is the Difference Between Transsexual and a Shemale?

Transsexual vs. Shemale? To the layperson - these two creatures are one and the same. By some definitions - that's correct. However, calling most transsexual's a shemale? That's considered very insulting.

So what's the difference?


Before we get to that…

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Transsexual vs. Shemale

What is a Transsexual?

A transsexual is a transgender person - starting from either a male or female platform - that’s determined through therapy and/or their own reflection they were clearly born in the wrong body. They usually have plans to change their gender via “transition” - or have already done so.


If you are diagnosed "transsexual" - your transgender desire is of utmost importance to your happiness and well-being and you're intently dreaming of completely changing your gender. This desire and frustration usually starts at a very early age and is something we're born with from the start.

Additional There's a number of TS (transsexual "types" you might hear about - based around
where we are in the process of changing our gender)

The two most common, include:

Pre-Op Transsexual

A “pre op transsexual” is a transsexual whose usually already living full time in their new gender but who hasn’t yet had the final / bottom surgery = also known as GRS / SRS.

Post-Op Transsexual

A Post-Op Transsexual is a transsexual whose already completed “bottom surgery” - GRS. 99.99% of the time she’s been living full-time as a woman for an extended period. Generally-speaking, post-op transsexual women are amongst the most well balanced & evolved transgender women - since they’re now past much of drama associated with being transgender. However, that’s not always the case.

What is a Shemale?

Almost every transgender gal has been
called a "She-Male" at some point in her trans-female journey. For me, it most often occurred back in the days of trans night clubbing - or any other time I was around relative newcomers to transgenderism. However, a shemale is a distinctive member of the transgender family. I define a "she-male" as a "full time" t-girl - usually with breast augmentation - that is preoperative (still has a penis) and works in the sex industry. 

The term was created by the porn industry to market pre-op & non-op transsexuals as a new type of pornography. It’s proven very successful. “Tranny Porn” continues to be one of the few remaining thriving sectors in that industry. Lots of trans-women working as paid escorts also use the term to describe themselves in order to leverage interest by paid dates.
However, calling a transsexual woman a “she male” is considered a derogatory term - its akin to calling her a prostitute.

Thus, in summation:

A Transsexual
is a transgender person whose driven to transform their gender to the opposite of both. This is often a long, grueling and overwhelming process. A "shemale" is a term that was created by the pornographic industry to describe those transsexual women who have not yet had final genre-reassignment-surgery (still have a penis down below). A huge sexual interest and following has been for transsexual women from shemale XXX video's - but it often causing a gross misunderstanding about transsexual love reality.


The Shemale Transsexual

If your interest in transsexual women was born from erotic imagery of “shemales” - you’re in for a rude awakening if you try turning those fantasy images into reality.


Real transsexual women aren’t usually into much of what you find alluring in tranny porn flicks. Most aren’t willing - even able - to deliver many fantasies you might envision.

Thus, there’s a huge disconnect between your shemale fantasies and a transsexual woman’s reality.

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hot tranny.

Wait: isn’t a shemale actually a transsexual woman?

Sort of - but there’s a big difference. The term “shemale” was invented by the porn industry to help market erotic imagery of pre-operative transsexual women. However, the lifestyles and sexual interests represented in these movies are polar to most real transsexual’s leanings.

Are the intimate desires of straight women featured in XXX movies
just like the natural-born women you’ve known or dated?

Of course not.

We’re NOT a woman - with a penis “attached”

As I mentioned earlier, when most men watch shemale porn what they see and perceive is a woman - with a penis “attached”. That’s not what we are.

We’re transsexual women. We were born male with female brain configuration. We spent years feeling lost and ugly because of this mistake. We went through hell with our life, our friends, our family and our futures making changes to bring our mind and bodies in congruence.
Shemale trap

Shemale porn is the bane of most transsexual women’s existence

Most transsexual women dread meeting a guy whose attraction was born from watching XXX trans movies. Imagine if natural women faced the challenge - if almost every guy they met only knew about women from watching pornography and from that? He surmised what women felt, wanted and liked.

That - is exactly what transsexual women often face when we date men. What these men want, need and expect is derived from fantasies created through shemale erotica.

This often creates a basis for frustration with both parties.
Transsexual vs. Crossdresser

Where do you go from here?

Still want to try and make your transsexual dream a reality? That - is what this section and the hundreds of pages of original content I took the time to write are designed to help achieve. Transsexuals are not for everybody. However, for some? We’re the most fulfilling path towards complete sexual and emotional contentment.

Shemale Realties
Looking for a beautiful hot-blooded "shemale" like you’ve seen through on-line images and pornographic movies? Did those erotic images do something to your sexual desires - you never felt before?

You’re not alone.

Shemale Dating

Interest in shemale partners for sex and love is at an all-time high.

Erotic imagery of transsexuals is the hottest category in all of adult entertainment. Aside from the brief boon in bondage erotica following the release of Fifty Shades of Gray no other subject of eroticism comes close. According to a recent article by Seth Rosen of The Examiner: “Nearly 190 million heterosexual men are attracted to transsexual women and actively seek romantic contact with or sexually explicit images of them annually.
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Perhaps even more surprising than the numbers is who is watching it. California and New York were the top two states—accounting for 17.6 and 7.3 percent of transgender porn sales on GameLink last year. That's no big shocker given the liberal platform in those states. Even Illinois coming in at No. 3—with 5.6 percent—might not surprise some. However - what's the fourth largest market for transgender porn at 5%?

Texas - the home of right wing conservatism may not surprise some people. Just behind that? Arizona - at 4.9%.
Shemale Up Skirt

Clearly something new is unleashed.

According to the latest Internet statistics, interest in ‘transsexual’ topics has risen more than 5,000 percent in the past five years, and interest in ‘transsexual dating’ has surged more than 400 percent. In the past 90 days alone, combined traffic from the top 10 adult sites and top 10 dating sites catering exclusively to trans-loving males has risen 350 percent. While some crossover invariably exists, heterosexual male visitors to these 20 websites now top 188 million annually. And this figure doesn’t include traffic counts from the additional 300+ transsexual sites already in existence.”

This section of my website is designed to educate you on what dating and loving a shemale is really like - versus just the fantasy plus how to find such a partner and deal with related issues. It’s based upon my own real life experiences and those of many of my transsexual girlfriends.

SheMale Sex
If your like most guys, your primary motivation for reading this is the fulfillment of a desire to have sex with a hot shemale. If that’s your dream? You’ve got lots to learn! Underneath that sexy persona on the screen or in the photos is a real-live person who struggled through a life journey like no other.

In other words?
Shemale Renee Reyes

Fantasy - is not reality. However, in my opinion - the reality is even better than the fantasy. Transsexual women represent some of the most incredible chicks you’ll ever come to know or love.

Calling her a "Shemale" is a big No-No
The term "shemale" was invented by the pornographic industry to describe a pre or non-operative transsexual female. It's not a term any transsexual woman finds endearing or complimentary - it's usually the equivalent of calling her a prostitute. Alas, many of the trans women who work as escorts flaunt the term in their ads - knowing its what most potential customers are seeking and desiring.
If you want to get anywhere beyond "paid sex" with a TS female? You need to erase it from your vocabulary immediately.
Shemales vs. Transsexuals

In the sections that follow, you’ll learn how to meet, appreciate, understand and perhaps even love - such a lady.

Good luck!