Atlanta's Foremost Transgender Woman


Atlanta's Foremost Transgender Woman


The Penis Enlargement Surgery - Insider’s Guide

I first got acquainted with possibilities from penis enlargement procedures when I arranged my hips and buttocks augmentation in Brazil in 2004.

It was offered as an optional “add-on” procedure – as commonly served as French fries with hamburgers in that cosmetic enhancement-crazy country.

I passed – wasn’t exactly sure where I was going with
that area of my body at the time but I learned lots during my visits from doctors and acquaintances who completed penile augmentation.

Later, I had a couple of male friends in the US who confided they wanted to get penis enlargement. I helped them research the best options given their needs, circumstances and budgets.

Both were shy about calling around, asking questions - but you know me: not a shy bone in this body.

Man Made Female Body

I was in awe of the amount of
misinformation I found on-line – even amongst licensed MD’s. I grew up around urology and knew more about a corpus cavernosum and its inner workings than I ever wanted. What I immediately discovered was a lot of practitioners offering penile enhancement that were almost completely full of shit regarding rationale behind their claims.

Recently, the subject matter got personal - one of my best female friends confided she was considering leaving her husband over the lack of pleasure she derived from his average / smaller sized penis. After birthing a couple of kids and evolving through the typical vaginal-stretch process women experience on the pathway toward menopause, she lost pleasurable sensation associated with his penetration. It's actually mother nature's big joke: female vagina's get larger with time and men's penises get smaller. Add to that fact female nerve endings are all found on the outer lips and the clitorous - it doesn't take a genius to deduce how loss of penile size and additional vaginal stretch end up affecting a woman's sensation and pleasure during intercourse - it can become a non-event.

I culled my previous research, did more digging, made some calls, spoke to experts – and created a “report” on the matter for their review.

They got the penis enlargement surgery. They’re both happier and more fulfilled than ever before. She surmised my input by modifying an old axiom I thought was funny:

“If a straight woman wants to learn how to give her man a killer blow job?
Ask a gay guy.

If a straight man wants to learn how to successfully add augmentation to his body?
Ask a tranny.”

They encouraged me to share my research with others on-line, since most guys considering penile enhancement procedures are probably just as apprehensive about discussing the subject – making them prime targets for shoddy outcomes and unrealized dreams

Develop a Winning Plan for Penis Enlargement

Few people know more about total body transformation than a MTF transsexual – the scope of our project is a overwhelming: from nose to toes.

Developing a winning enhancement plan for how to get a bigger penis?

That’s easier.

Also, TS women – and lots of born gals – are inherently “size matters” queens. Finding an ideal partner when you’re a guy with a small to average endowment can be challenging in a post-internet society. A surgical penile enlargement would resolve that issue for you.

Thus, I decided to tackle this subject as I always do – hard-hitting, well researched and no holds barred.

Hope it’s useful!

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