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Transgender Statistics

Caught the tail end of a Facebook post that got me curious: prompted a flurry of Google searches regarding current statistics about the world of transgenderism in 2017. The following encapsulations from Marie Claire are a good start:

Number of people who identify as transgender in the US: 700,000
The Percentage of Transgender People Who Attempted Suicide: 41%
The Number of States Having Clear Laws to Protect Transgender People: 18
The Percentage of People Who Lost Their Job Due to Their Identity 26%

Most of these numbers were culled from a
detailed report from the Williams Institute at UCLA.

The Most Important Transgender Statistic

The one thing I love about Donald Trump is I know where he stands - he doesn't mince words. His first month in office? He's been doing exactly what he said he would do while on the campaign trail: when was the last time we saw that from any President? Never - during my lifetime.

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Don't Become a Transgender Statistic

I have still carry a nasty physical scar to my forehead from a rock hurled at my skull during a protest march of Cracker Barrel when they would fire any employee they found out was gay. I was out and proud as a transgender woman long before most ever walked out of their house en-femme. I volunteered. I mentored. I invested thousands of hours developing and maintaining this website and other platforms to assist beginning transgender people.

I fully transitioned when it wasn't remotely acceptable to do so - lost everything - ended up homeless, destitute. I didn't become a trans-statistic: started over, rebuilt, succeeded.

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