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Transsexual Women 101

A Beginners Crash Course

New to exploring or dating transgender women? The first thing you’ll discover is transgender expression comes in lots of different forms. You would be hard pressed to find another remote human subcategory where the final version of expression is so varied.

Transgender Loving

Here you’ll learn the basics of what it’s about, what causes it plus common genderland terminology.

Chapters Included in This Section Include:

Transsexual Slangs - Learning the Lingo
Transgender Definition: Who & What We Are
Transgender vs. Transsexual: What's the Difference?
Problems with Transgender Labels: Everyone is not always what they say
What's All With All These Different Labels?
Men Dressed as Women: Do You Already Know a Trans Person?

Being Transsexual: What’s it really like?

If you hope to someday love a transsexual woman it helps to understand more regarding what being born transsexual is really like.

Most transsexuals are completely aware of their gender problems early-on: usually between the ages of 4 and 7. Its also at this point we get our first taste of the fact society doesn’t embrace these leaning - since our parents are constantly trying to correct us for wanting to wear girl’s clothing and pursue common female interests.

Additional Chapters included in This Section Include:

Desirability of Transsexual Women
Transgenderdate: Factors Affecting Trans Desirability
Why Transsexuals Get GRS
The Most Balanced and Happy TS Women
Common Transgender Personalities
What is it like to be transsexual?

It’s like being born in a cage - but those bars are invisible to everyone but you. Also, being transgender is a lot like belief in God. You can't prove it exists but you know it within your heart since your earliest development. You subsequently explore this belief, questions its validity, become disillusioned, and sometimes even take its name in vain. However, in the end? The truth is your path to freedom.

As in the world of spirituality, men & women in various majorities inherently harass those different from themselves. You'd think a nation founded by such persecuted orphans could comprehend this irony better than most. Our forefathers anticipated this foul side of human nature: hence our well-conceived US constitution.

Transgender Life

Most people aren’t aware that every human being begins their journey as female - all mammals are female during the trimester of pregnancy. It’s only after the Y-chromosome kicks end and causes the release of certain hormones that we change to a male form. Knowing this - and considering the complex nature of the human brain - it’s easy to deduce how some such brains would not complete that transformation with 100% success. Thus, a male body being born with a female brain is more logical than it might first seem.

What’s it like to be openly transsexual?

What’s it like when you’re openly transsexual and just getting started on your journey?

Transsexuals are kindred spirits with the very obese

Severely obese people understand this part of our journey better than anyone else I’ve met. We share a common bond in this regard. They endured feeling very ugly - to themselves and the world around them.

We also share the scars: no matter how much better we end up appearing through hard work & focus? We’re stuck knowing what we once were & what we still are underneath.
TS Women

We both hate the mirror. If you’re 5’6 and your body tips the scale at over 300 lb. The world sees you ugly. You’re never chosen first: in life or love. No matter how much weight you eventually lose? the shadow of these 300 lb. will forever darken your own self-image.

Also like the obese? Many people blame us both for our ugly plight: we somehow chose our circumstances.

Being a transsexual is a very similar experience to all that.

Is being born transsexual like being born african american?

No, I personally don’t feel that connection. Race and religious minorities are protected by law from abusive comments & language. Transgenders & the severely overweight? You get to call us any name you want - with no legal repercussions. In most states? You can still fire a person from their job just by discovering they privately crossdress.

Also, a surprising aspect of my own journey was that the nastiest public treatment I ever endured? Was at the hands of african american women – twice. This situation is consistent with a few other transgender women I’ve spoken with. I came to the conclusion that most minorities are less experienced in showing temperament with their tongues in the face of witnessing something very different from themselves.

Being transsexual: It’s a gift and a nightmare

Being transsexual is both a gift and a nightmare.

The gift of seeing the world through ugly eyes is that you become better at recognizing real beauty: in others & in the world around you. We really learn that cultural variations & skin color matter far less than heart felt smiles & compassion.

The nightmare is letting go of the hypocrisy. Being more aware of the inherently shallow waters from the human existence. I suppose we’re not alone in that plight. The animal kingdom also rewards the bird with the prettiest feathers or the lion of the greatest strength. I suppose it’s an earthly condition – even a living condition.

The Elephant in the Room

One exhausting aspect of being transsexual?
Upon seeing a lovely, passable trans woman, 99% of the time the question on everyone’s mind is “did she cut it off”. It’s on the mind of both men & women – and it’s on their minds regardless of if their desire to “know” is rooted in any sexual desires for transgenders. It’s the question everyone’s dying to ask. It’s the inquiry we often hate most.

A transsexual’s journey with this condition is brutal & expensive. Some gals who want to have the final surgery have never been able to afford it: and acknowledging that fact makes the success to date of their journey less valid. This question is so common & so overwhelming as a part of where society & potential partners “place” a transgender woman.

Please do us a favor & don’t ask this question unless we’ve given you the direct impression we’re wanting to go home with you later in the night. It’s rude – like asking a breast cancer survivor if she still has her tits.