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It's been twenty-two years since I uploaded a few all-about-me pages and personal photos that marked the beginning of
Since that time, a lot changed in my world as well as the world around us.

Thank you - for being here!

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1. Crossdresser Survival Guide

Details tips and insights for both beginning cross dressers and skilled part-time transgender women.
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2. Transgender Love & Dating Insider's Manual

Want to meet / date / love a transsexual female? Already in love with a TS: need more answers? The web's original insider's guide to success.
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3. MTF Gender Transition Handbook

A comprehensive guide for transsexuals starting or mired in an MTF gender transition - real world practical insights from trans women who made it work.
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Renee Reyes
Information about yours truly
including highlights from my crazy life journey, my old blogs from before the time I transitioned, and my personal photo gallery

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5. Transgender 101

introductory guide to the wide world of transgenderism: explains the unusual terms you'll often hear, what they mean - and how to make sense of it all.
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6. Brazilian Butt Lift Tips Guide
Detailed tips and insights for anyone looking to get their booty enhanced based upon my own journey and insights. Includes how to spot the scams are what to be most careful of in your decision process.

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