Transgender 101

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Transgender, Transsexual, Crossdresser, T-Girl: Guide of Understanding

Trying to get a better grasp on all the unique terms you hear in trans-land?

Transsexual vs. Shemale

You’re not alone: people often get confused by the myriad of variations within the transgender community: and how to apply terms to each person.

    Following is a detailed set of sections I hope you find both fun and educational.

    DRAG Queen vs. Transsexual

    Hope its helpful.


    What is Transgender?
    Introduction to Transgenderism
    Variations in Transgender Expression: What's the differences?
    How to respect a Transgender Person
    Men Dressed as Women
    Urban Dictionary: Transgender Terms
    Urban Dictionary: Transgender Slangs
    Transgender Labels
    What do I do if I think the girl you're dating might be transgender?
    My husband watches shemale porn: Is he gay?