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One in Five Guys is a Crossdresser

Do you already know a cross dresser?

Don’t think you already know a person with alternative gender issues? Might be wise to reconsider. It’s estimated over 5% of all males are drawn to actively adorn women’s clothing & expression. That number doesn’t include those who just play around with it as an occasional fetish - which is estimated to add another 15% of guys.

Additional Chapters in This Section Include:

Understanding Transgenderism
Do You Already Know a Crossdresser?
What's Up with all these different labels?
Important Terminology in the Transgender Community
Additional Slangs and Terminology
Problems Associated with Transgender Labels
Transgender Happiness
Telling Your Friends You're Transgender
Crossdressing in Public
Making Transgender Friends
Your Evolution as a Transgender Lady
Finding Happiness in a Dress

In other words? About 20% of all the men you know have some sort of pleasure or thing going on with alternative gender fun.

Who is Transgender?

Alas, few men are comfortable sharing these desires with others. The reason you’re not aware many of your friends & family members privately explore this freedom of expression? It’s usually considered a fetish, wrong & shameful.

Crossdressing is a form of transgender behavior but in mild manners it doesn’t necessarily mean that such a man is transgendered. Imagine if women were still unable to wear pants and a fitted blouse. Come to think about it? Not being able to cross traditional gender boundaries - is actually a rather bizarre aspect of being male in comparison to women.

Who are these transgender women?

So who are the guys who are wearing panties under their three-pieced suits? I've found there to be absolutely no barriers by typical "sorting methods" such as age, geography, socio-economic status, cultural issues, etc. T-girls run the gamut - within all walks of life.

You likely already know a transgender girl very well. It could be your assistant - or your boss. It could be your most hated enemy - or your best friend. It could be your janitor - or US Senator. Until the classification of transgender girls moves beyond that of a "sexual deviation" - and into that of a sexual identity - as uneventful as male & female - you'll never know who amongst the people around you is "T". We usually gain little - and lose a lot - by sharing our transgendered nature with others.    

One thing you'll quickly discern is these girls are not air heads They tend to have very high IQ's. The average person who goes through with a sex change operation is about three sig above the mean - or about 145 IQ. The average "TV" is about one sig above the mean. This high level of intelligence often equates typically equates to a fun person - with a very mischievous mind.

Transsexual Intellect

Being a trans-girl tends to develop a more well rounded individual. Most importantly: we learn why it takes three hours for women to get ready to "go out". For all you guys that wondered about the answer to this age old mystery? Here it is. It really only takes a woman about 15 minutes to get ready. The other 2 hours and 45 minutes is spent fixing - what she screwed up in those first 15 minutes. LOL 
Honestly, that's closer to the truth than you'll ever understand - until you try it. *smile* 

Reasons for the large number of trans gals

Traditional estimates place men who are in some way transgendered at between 5-10% of the total male population. Renee's take on it? Try 50%+. Why such a large disagreement between Renee and the army of psychologists? First, I've had too many frank discussions with men regarding some potential desire to don feminine clothing. I've found very few who profess otherwise. 

I doubt we'll ever get an accurate picture of how large this segment. Why? Because admitting such desires is viewed as too shameful to most males. However, I'm betting if I did the interviews, I could get over 50% of any basic group of men to admit some degree of interest. (My lifetime average is 73%) Why? Because I know how to make them feel it's okay to admit an interest on a one on one basis. I know how to take away the fear, anguish, frustration and humiliation associated with even hinting of such a predication. 

schoolgirl crossdresser.

I'm sure many of you are convinced I probably slant my questions where the respondent has no choice but to answer in a manner that reveals some type of transgenderism. I don't - I am a scientist by training. 

What about the balance of males who truly feel no need to express femininity in an alternative manner (dressing in some way)?  I believe these people to be the most trans-gendered of all. Why? Because the ones I've met, exhibit a glorious balance between male and female already. Their contentment between these two genders has been a source of jealousy for me on one or more occasion. They are - in effect - my hero's.

The overall lack of gender dysphasia amongst women - who already addressed and bested the challenge of assuming male roles and personas at the turn of the last century - supports my opinion.