America's Foremost Transgender Woman


Learning to live happily as a part-time transgender woman

Ever feel ashamed by your desire to wear silk dresses versus just silk neckties?

You’re not alone!

Here you’ll find detailed information regarding your desire to express a feminine side plus tips on how to be more comfortable with this aspect of your personality.

Being transgender is supposed to add to your life.

The only thing that can subtract from that happiness? Is you!

Chapters Under This Section Include:

Understanding Transgenderism
Do You Already Know a Crossdresser?
What's Up with all these different labels?
Important Terminology in the Transgender Community
Additional Slangs and Terminology
Problems Associated with Transgender Labels
Transgender Happiness
Telling Your Friends You're Transgender
Crossdressing in Public
Making Transgender Friends
Your Evolution as a Transgender Lady
Finding Happiness in a Dress