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A Transsexual’s Biggest Concerns with Marriage

TS Marriage
A life-long commitment is a huge and exciting step for any true love. Most transsexual women only fantasize about walking down that aisle to a person they adore.
There’s a few issues transsexual women face in this big decision. You’d be wise to understand them and discuss your feelings with your partner if you want to make this union work forever.

We can’t bear children

Ask any woman whose infertile and you’ll understand the pain of not being able to provide offspring for a committed loving union. Kids provide an important basis to most marriages - a reason to grow and share.
There is no experience quite so female as being a mom. Thus, if I were considering marrying a transsexual partner and there’s not already kids in the equation? I would consider adopting a child together - for both of your fulfillment.

Marriage without the risks - or security
Shemale Marriage

The laws still sorting out the rights of queer partners in a marriage - even for post-operative transsexual women and men vary from one country to the next. From pensions to social security benefits - we are often left out of the survivor role. It’s not a fun process and can be a point of vulnerability for a transsexual woman considering marriage - particularly if your family is against the union.
Keep these issues in mind if you ask her to take the chance. It’s sometimes overwhelming.

A Long Way Down

Trying to get your transsexual girlfriend to move in with you or change her life by moving across the country? Unless her life is a rescue, you might be in for a tough sales pitch.
Most every transsexual woman dealt with monumental setbacks with friends, family, employment - even homeliness (like me) when she went through transition. When you’ve pulled your life back together from these doldrums, you’re never in a hurry to risk going back there.
Shemale Marriage

When most people take a fall - they can lean on family for support. Transsexual women often lose this essential bottom step for regaining footing. Did you know most homeless shelters won’t accept a non-op transsexual woman? It’s an issue with shower and dressing facilities. When you’ve been turned away from a homeless shelter? You don’t ever want to risk going back to that place.
You can’t ask a transsexual woman to risk changing her life on a whim. If things don’t work out? She faces more risks with picking herself back up. Be patient and try to come up with a plan where you account for these valid concerns.

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