Dr. Elist Penile Implant Patient Reviews

If you search anything related to “penis enlargement” on Google, you'll likely became familiar with
Dr. Elist and his patented silicone penile implant.

Dr. Elist did the very best job building his brand awareness and market penetration compared to others - by a long shot.

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At first glance, this sounded exciting. However, while in the middle of doing my research for my friends and creating this new content on penile enlargement - I noticed a banner from Google regarding the removal of a number of search results - which I followed and read. Turns out, Dr. Elist sues any patients that provide bad reviews of his service on-line for slander. After emailing back and forth with one such patient I discovered Elist has every patient sign a legal waiver before surgery (buried in that mound of paperwork everybody signs before surgery) that basically says you’ll never say anything bad about his surgical results cubically - even if you’re unhappy.

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This is a monumental red flag.

In my opinion, anybody who can’t handle public reviews of his product doesn’t deserve your patronage.

I would run!

Dr. Elist Implant Patient Reviews:

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Public Information from Google Regarding Removal of Negative Search Results Related to Dr. Elist
  1. Court order #1

    Targeted URLs:
    1. http://www.thundersplace.org/penis-enlargement/my-elist-implant-experience.html
    2. http://phalloplasty.proboards.com/thread/158/considering-surgery-elist-silicone-implant
    3. http://phalloboards.websitetoolbox.com/post/the-implantee-manifesto-against-dr-elists-silicone-implant-6296789
    4. http://phalloboards.websitetoolbox.com/post/the-continuing-lies-of-elist-and-his-practice-about-his-silicone-implant-will-it-end-6195095
    5. http://phalloboards.websitetoolbox.com/post/sudden-trouble-with-dr-elists-silicone-implant-5388556
    6. http://phalloboards.websitetoolbox.com/post/are-there-any-dr-elist-patients-who-are-happy-out-there-help-5695754
    7. http://phalloboards.websitetoolbox.com/post-my-elist-implant-experience-todate-5490227

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