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Accidental Transsexual Orientation
A new phenomenon when it comes to those seeking a transsexual partner is what I call: “The Accidental Tourist”. These admirer’s are a direct result of the growing number of transsexual women in modern society.


Although there’s lots of variations on the theme - most met and began dating a transsexual woman without first knowing about her gender identity, fell in love with the amazing person before them but eventually opted out of the relationship when they decided they just couldn’t deal with the potential society pressure from the union.

Later, some of these same individuals determine this connection was the “best they ever had” - and go out looking to replace that connection.

The “accidental tourists” are usually the most frustrated of all admirers. What they didn’t realize at the time was how rare it is to find a loving, passable transsexual woman whose also not a rescue - its rare.

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