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What Men Tend to Like Most About Transsexual Women

You might recall I discussed the basics of why some men are drawn to transgender females. If you've read this far, I'm assuming your needs are deeper rooted than just the sexual whim. Thus, we’re going to further explore what makes her special to help you make sense of your desires.

Transsexual Marriage

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Reason One: Natural Selection

The first reason is what I call natural selection. Can't prove it exists but since I’m a disciple of Newton's third law: “For every action there's an equal & opposite reaction" - I sincerely believe it occurs.

I believe certain men are naturally drawn to transsexual women because they're simply wired that way from the onset.


We know transsexualism occurs at birth in varied degrees of intensity. Likewise, most people agree heterosexuals and homosexuals are born with their orientation - and nature creates natural counterparts for them to find love and bliss with another person. Thus, it only seems logical that if nature created transsexual women - it's also going to create counterparts naturally wired to us.

Reason two: Transsexual Women Tend to Still Celebrate Femininity

Few born-women appreciate the stunning power and wonderment of femininity. If you’re born into money you’ll never know what its like to be very poor. You might be sympathetic to those with less but the angst of not knowing where your next meal’s coming from or if next month’s rent will be paid is something you don’t understand. The same comparison can be made to being female. While a transsexual’s heart & mind are born feminine - they must earn the ability to preset that way through lots of hard work.


“She really gets what makes stockings & garters extra hot,” says Tim, a 36 year old admirer about his transsexual girlfriend. Most transgender women go out of their way to look their best all the time - and their sexiest with a man they adore. According to Ryan, a 43-year-old investment banker that prefers dating transgenders: “Most of the women I dated got lazy about how they look. My transgender girlfriends always look their best & seem to take much more pride in being women: I really like that.”

Transgender Athletic Bodies

A lot of guys drawn to trans-women also like women with an athletic body form. Most transgender women are naturally larger and more powerful physically than many of their female counterparts. Also, since some where once athletes as men: you might be surprised to find she can spot an impending outside linebacker blitz before the color announcer on TV.


She also inherently understands the visual nature of men. We all know most men are highly drawn to visual stimulation: a glance down a blouse, a shot up a skirt, pornography, etc. This is a woman who know how to push these buttons better than most natal born girls.

Reason three: Unique Communication Skills

Transsexual women are all girl - their in-born female brains have that same oft irritating need to communicate often like their naturally born female counterparts. However, having spent time as a member of male culture, they’re often considered better listeners and take less offense to certain male habits. This is a woman you will really enjoy talking with in matters of life and love. She knows men, she knows women - and she can speak both those languages.

Reason Four: A Life Worth Loving

Another reason is more human-based than any other. It goes far beyond gender, sex or garters. It's about admiration of another human being for their courage & convictions in themselves & their lives.

Transsexual Dating

Some people are born amazing: they're 7'5" or have an IQ of almost 200. However, most people worth note are remarkable because they accomplished some incredible goal. Make no mistake: gender a gender is an incredibly huge obstacle. If she survives that process without becoming too scarred - you’ll know & love a woman who appreciates the little things in life: since she’s learned the hard way what’s really important - and what’s not.

The Best Reason of All

As Nate said: a 27-year old software engineer who just married who just married his long time transsexual girlfriend: “one I just love her"...I really wouldn't have cared if I'd discovered she'd be born a dog, grew up as a cat & once lived as a mouse. The only person I know is the one before me. The soul is the essence of every human being. Her soul...is my personal favorite on earth - and I love her.

That'll work...*Smile*