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America's Foremost Transgender Woman


The People Attracted to Transsexual Women

Transsexuals are hot

Attracted to transsexual women? You’re not alone. Rather, you’re part of the fastest growing new face of sexuality on the planet.

Lot of beginners get very confused and ashamed of this desire at the onset. I’m going to help you resolve and deal with those issues in the sections that follow.

What you’ll discover is that some people are simply naturally wired to transgender women and they tend to know that - the first time they see such a creature.

There’s a lot to learn and discuss: so lets get started, okay?

Chapters Included in This Section Include:

TS Dating Attraction to Transsexuals
Transgender Date: Transgender Sexual Orientation
Sorting Out Your Sexuality with an Attraction to Transgender Women
Transsexual Dating: The Five Most Common Types of Transsexual Admirers
"Accidental" Transsexual Orientation
Are You a Guy Who Secretly Fantasizes About Becoming a Woman?
TS Dating: Common Traits Between TS Women & The Guys Who Seek Them
How TS Admirers Evolve in Their Attraction
Date a Crossdresser: What Men Tend to Like Most About TS Women
What Men Tend to Dislike About TS Women