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Straight Women with Transsexual Females

The most common group of women drawn to transsexuals are those that already possess a natural attraction towards women - the higher level communication, the softer lips and skin, breasts, curvaceous bodies...however - they were just never comfortable or turned on by the whole “vaginal-thing”.

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Natural Women Attracted to Transsexuals
Lesbian Women Attracted to Transsexuals
Women Who First Fell in Love with the Man Before Transition
Problems for Women Dating Transsexual
Trans Love Concerns: Will She End Up Wanting a Man?
Transgender Lesbians: Trans Women with Trans Women

These women are often the ideal match for certain trans-women: particularly with non-operative transsexuals. Females of this sort often have a history of challenging issues in relationships with masculine males. Such men are often intimidated by her aggressive approach to life & loving or aggravated by her need for heightened degrees of communication and intimacy. A relationship with a transsexual often creates a more balanced mixture of roles - making such women feel more fulfilled than ever before in a relationship.

Often times, the genetic female with a transsexual woman is the more masculine when it comes to love. I’m not talking about butch presentation, rather - the alpha-female in the household. However, as with any healthy union - she needs to trade-off her dominant role on occasion. A transgendered-female is often uniquely suited to take charge in many aspects.

Women & TS

A lot of women in this situation never realized a transgender might be an ideal match until they encountered one. They've just always knew something was wrong - they could never find a man to deal with their steely approach to life, living and communication…yet they just couldn't bring themselves to explore a union with another genetic female.

Generational Issues

White most of the female-trans couples I interviewed were older, I couldn’t help but notice an increasing number of younger females are now dating transgender women. Women born in the early to mid-1980's & beyond seem more likely to embrace the concept of a transsexual partner. These women were raised during the second sexual revolution - that of much clearer acceptance of gay / lesbian & bisexual leanings.

Thus, any sense of related social stigmas is less likely than their more mature counterparts.

Women who first fell in love with a man - who was actually transgender and she didn't know that at the onset

I love him - thus I accept her

There’s a large number of transsexual women still married or in a committed union with a woman they first knew and loved “as a man” - who in turn stayed with them during transition and beyond.
For many of these women? There’s actually no attraction to a lesbian union. In fact? That’s the most challenging initial aspect of staying in the union. However, most discover lots of additional obstacles after their man starts changing in earnest: inappropriate fashion, hormonal outbursts, the desire to flex her female sexuality - it’s a very long journey.
However, those couples I know that survived it and stayed together? They’re the most sound marriages I’ve ever witnessed: trans or otherwise!
In the next section, I’ll review the challenges associated with this process in more detail since they apply to all female partners of transgender women.

What some women prefer about a transsexual partner

From interviews, I discovered a four common points of connection straight women found they most enjoyed dating a transsexual woman, including:

The inherent female “touches”
Most female partners of transgender women comment about the difference in the touches, caresses and kisses with their tranny versus masculine men. “I’ve never been kissed so softly or touched so intently” says a 33-year old female advertising executive whose been dating the same trans-woman for two years. “However, in the end? I still get a man. What could be better?”
Transsexual vs. Crossdresser
I can look ugly and still feel pretty

Another recurring compliment was the comfort of feeling loved and appreciated regardless of outward appearances. It would seem the process & discrimination from a trans woman’s transition creates a person who tends to see real beauty at its inner core. Thus, she more still sees female radiance in a flannel gown, no make up plus packing those unwanted ten extra pounds.

“I knew better than seeing my ex-husband without make up. He might of accepted it - but he didn’t like it. With Melissa? I got a person knows what real beauty is amongst women…try finding that feature in some manly-man” - said Tina, a 44 year old lady whose marrying her long time trans-female partner soon.

Trans-Lesbian Sex

“I always had an attraction to other women since I was young. But another vagina? No way - just wasn’t going to happen. Our first intimate encounter is still one of my favorite memories: or breasts lighting touching and meshing, an erotic kiss, soft hands and long nails caressing my body versus the rough and callused hands I grew accustom to - you couldn’t get me to trade my transsexual girlfriend for any other man or woman on the planet” - says a fifty-one year old New Yorker whose been married to her transsexual partner for three years. “The absolute hottest part? Being penetrated by a beautiful woman with a penis while reaching down & grabbing her curvy buttocks and staring at that beautiful female face while she kisses and rides me. I still; get aroused just thinking about my wife”.
Transgender Loving

We can have a long talk without having sex

“If I got my ex-husband to invest in a long talk about life and feelings - I knew I was literally required to repay that favor with sex. Melissa talks with me because she likes knowing how I feel. Also, there’s never that blue-balls guilt guys hit you with: you got me excited thus you’re not allowed to stop until I’m done. I always hated that!” says 44-year-old Tina, a woman with a long-time transgender partner.