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Partial Transition Success

Since the real definition of transition success is characterized by the eventual “quality of life” versus any particular surgical, legal or cosmetic changes - more & more girls are finding solace with a partial transition - where they convert parts of their body to a feminine platform yet still live a portion of their life “as a man”.

Partial Gender Transition

Again, the overall goal is simple: resolve your gender issues & reestablish a fun & successful life. This isn’t a beauty contest. Rather, it’s a happiness tournament.

Whoever smiles the most? Wins!

End of story...

Chapters in This Section include:

MTF Gender Transition Introduction
Secrets to a More Successful MTF Transition
Non-verbal Female Communication Skills
Five Keys to MTF Transition Success
Ten Most Common MTF Transition Traps
Finding an MTF Transition Mentor
Choosing Your New Name as a TS Woman
The Stealthy Transsexual Woman
Total Stealth for MTF Transsexual
Surviving an MTF Transition
Five Mistakes Transsexual Most Often Make with Transition
Success with a Partial Transition
Transgender Depression and Suicide
Shortcuts to a Successful MTF Transition
Final Steps to MTF Gender Transition

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Ways to Make a Partial Transition More Successful

Most girls that succeeded with a partial transition undertook this path as a solution to potentially overwhelming economic fallout if they went full-time. I admire that! It takes more courage and conviction to embrace reality and find a solution within that framework than it does to selfishly abandon all responsibility and simply run into full-time gender land.

Transition Projects You Can Complete with a Partial Gender Transition

There’s lot of things you can complete without going full-time that will reduce the depression of “removing the girl” - we all know that feeling. Also, you’ll be able to bring her back to life with minimal effort. Will you look a little weird with no facial hair? Yeah, but lots of people look different: just go with it!

Also, by finishing these projects, now? These girls face a far easier path going full time if and when circumstances change and allow them to drop the male role in part of their life.

The most common projects girls completed with a partial transition included:

Electrolysis - nothing allows you to “change” faster than no more facial hair!
HRT Regimen - your facial skin will soften over time with an HRT regimen. Of course, you must wear appropriate shirts to hide breast growth but it's not that big of a deal.
Facial Feminization Surgery - For mature trans-women - most FFS projects are in reality - youth enhancement procedures: face, lift, neck lift, blesphaparsy, etc. Thus, you’ll just look “hotter” as a guy by getting these done.

A couple of girls I encountered even got breast augmentation - and “strapped them down” with ACE bandages before putting on a shirt and tie each day. It just tends to create a heavier “barrel body” look: not the end of the world.

Work & Lifestyle Approaches with a Partial Transition

Along with body changes, you’ll want to develop a workable life plan to optimize happiness with a partial transition. Your plan should be customized to your own circumstances but I’ve seen some rather amazing ideas to make life happy.

One gal, lives in her small town as a woman 24 / 7. None of her neighbors know her as anything but a woman. However, when she prepares to fly out and travel? She switches back to “the guy”. That’s rare - and rather amazing.

Most gals in this situation work as a guy and wear fashion to mask any consequential female accouterments. They also return home and still live and complete many daily tasks in their male identity. However, with great ease: they switch to female.

A partial transition isn’t for everyone. It most commonly succeeds best when they economic fallout from a 24/7 switch is overwhelming or your wife just can’t support such a monumental change.

Again, keeping in mind that happiness and quality of life is the primary goal? We do whatever it takes to find peace and happiness.