Transition Guide for TS Females

America's Foremost Transgender Woman


The Key to Business Success as a Transsexual Woman

Learn to Navigate Problems
There are many new skills you must develop in order to succeed after changing your born gender. However, I found the most important is to embrace three-dimensional thinking.

What’s that?

I’ll answer - by asking a simple question: What's the shortest distance between any two points?

Three Dimensional Thinking

A straight line?

Nope...not for transsexual women.

Our path more closely follows traditional Pythagoreon or Euclidean explanations. Namely, the quickest route is simply the shortest available length of the path connecting a beginning & end...which is not necessarily a straight line.

That straight line? (You've got to appreciate the pun in that one.) It's often littered with prejudicial dead ends and transgender reality.

A curved path that bypasses these impediments? That’s the one we often must pursue.

For a trans-female to succeed in today's business world, she's got to think three-dimensional. Every obstacle must be immediately sized: "Do I go around it? Over it? Under it? rare instance: straight through it?" There's also the hyper space button - briefly hiding behind stealth - or bypassing the obstacle all together.

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Become the River: not the Salmon

Early on, I got depressed embracing this de-puzzling process. I forgot...I'm no longer an entitled white, Anglo-Saxon protestant straight male. Now? I recognize the shortest distance between two points is whatever it takes to traverse the actual distance after discounting for obstacles & resistance and prejudicial events. However long that journey takes? That’s the shortest distance.

In more than one instance, I found myself having to re-trace my steps and return to a point of origin to start over.

Is this fair?

No - but what else about a gender transition is fair?

Learn this  - and get accustomed to the longer timetables for accomplishing goals? You'll make real progress…faster.

Resist it?

You'll stay buried in a labyrinth of frustration & futility.