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Keys to Long Term Financial Success as a TS Woman

There’s a handful of habits essential to your long term financial success. Following is a few I consider most important.

I learned these the hard way - through mistakes and setbacks. I’m hoping you don’t repeat my errors!

Keep your monthly “nut” low - even as you enjoy better success

Most often after we achieve success following a long period of financial hardship, we’re feeling a good bit of “pent up demand” for a variety of purchases. That’s fair: there’s nothing wrong with rewarding all your hard work, patience and persistence.

Happiness ia a positive cash flow

However, you need to remain acutely aware of keeping ongoing expenses minimized until you’re certain your savings and income cash flow are more than adequate.

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As an example? I’m now a millionaire - but I’m still living like a collage student

Why am I doing that?

While my cash and assets are well situated, my ability to generate a decent income is hindered by a non-compete agreement. Until that changes? I decided to keep my monthly expenses to a minimum to conserve my hard-earned asset base. I’ll be the first to admit I’m probably over-cautious in this regard: the scars of once being destitute run deep.

However, I was always inspired by the his tory of Aristotle Onassis - the shipping magnet. He made his first million dollars trading tobacco’s while living in South America. He built that company while working as a late night telephone operator for ITT. Did he quit that midnight job after accumulating such wealth? No - he kept it - until he built a much larger operation: it paid his rent and allowed him to leverage his capital without risk to home or meals.

Higher fixed and semi-fixed monthly expenses: rent, phone, internet, TV, utilities, car notes, etc. - are one of the most limiting factor on future opportunities. I’ve seen so many people pass on what was probably the right choice for a new direction - because they weren’t willing to survive on less money in the short term.

Positive cash flow eventually solves almost every financial problem

I once had a dear and very talented friend who always had a new project or venture that was going to produce millions in the near future. The problem? His present operations were a break-even proposition at best. Those new projects never came to fruition and eventually, he lost everything.

Every successful person eventually learns that all economic problems are eventually solved through present positive cash flow. Without it? Your forever stressed and dependent upon new and uncertain events to achieve success.

With any new endeavor? Reaching this first plateau is your only priority. very other long term vision is built upon this most basic building block of success.

You’ve got to save for the future: retirement planning for transgender women

I was once homeless, destitute, and had creditors chasing me for debts. That was definitely one of the worst phases of my life. However, the most debilitating issue I faced at that time? Thinking of my future as a old, destitute transsexual woman. That vision - that fear - often overwhelmed me.

Saving money is a slow and methodical process that goes against human nature. It’s only natural to want to live better today since the future is still unknown and uncertain.

However, once you get started? It gets addictive. Those compound interest rates that once killed you while you were in debt start working for you on the opposite side of the equation. If you have a 401K matching program at your job? You should be maxing it out as soon as possible. Those matching dollars offer an immediate rerun on investment you won’t find otherwise in the marketplace. Exactly where you invest is not nearly as important as building your savings. Almost any balanced investment portfolio will grow over time.

Nothing is as refreshing as feeling solid about your financial future.