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Reasons NOT to get GRS - Gender Reassignment Surgery for Transsexual Women

There’s numerous reasons for not having GRS. It’s expensive, there’s sometimes never ending complications, its major surgery with lots of required healing time & necessary dilating efforts and it sometimes doesn’t go as planned resulting in long term complications.

There’s also often "depth" issues: While many transsexual women get concerned over not being able to secret vaginal fluids during sexual intercourse, this problem is easily handled by lubricants that it almost a non-event. However, the issue of vaginal depth can be a challenging aspect of a successful SRS surgery.

Not Getting GRS - for All the Wrong Reasons

If you’re not planning to get GRS because you think it’s hotter being a “chick with a dick” - you’re in for lots of challenges, post-transition. Being “non op” is no cakewalk - particularly if you can’t seem to let go of letting the world know about your unique configuration.

I’m best equipped to speak for myself: I didn’t get GRS - never will. I navigated the myriad of legal and social issues with an orchiectomy (testicles removed), not touting my unique configuration publicly and embracing things I considered more important than being “complete” - namely: finding the sort of loving partner I desired.

If finding a suitable partner and getting married is a higher ranking goal than self actualization? I always advise transsexuals to not get final surgery? Why’s that? Because there’s lots more men and women seeking a functional transsexual than a post-operative version. Thus, you greatly increase your odds of finding your dream mate staying non-op.

In my own instance, this was doubly important since I always - and still do - identified as a “top” with my female lovers (I’m not into men). Also, I was and still am more masculine at the core than many of my brethren. Thus, a blend of genders felt fine with me, by nature.

Blend of Genders

This sort of path does require the help of modern medicine to make things work. I went through a phase with HRT where I had trouble maintaining an erection and that only got worse following my orchie. Thus, I now get a monthly shot of testosterone & take a daily pill of low-dose Ciallis in order to remain functional. Dialing in that concoction for optimal results and minimal side effects was no picnic.

It also requires a lot of confidence in your femininity. On more than one occasion I considered GRS earlier as I got overwhelmed from being trans. However, in my own situation, I discovered those issues weren’t necessarily going to be fixed by GRS: who sees beneath my skirt anyway? Almost nobody.

My unique path results in playful jabs from one of my closest friends - a long since post-operative transsexual woman who likes to jest I’m the consummate “shemale”. Coming from her? I take that as a compliment.

I’m most definitely unique - a poster child for a way of life called: “I am, what I am”. My path was right for me - I’m legally female, I enjoy the improved presentation from muscle atrophy and fat storage now eight years post-orchie and I’m well past most drama “being trans”. However, I can still please my partner consistent with my internal wiring.

Most importantly, I’m happy and living a fulfilling existence.

In the end - to me?

That’s all that mattered.

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