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Sex Change Regret

Sex change regret refers to those individuals that went through the process of getting a sex change operation and later discovered that either the whole process of gender transition wasn't their right path - or the final surgery was a mistake. Regardless, they're now very unhappy and regret the choice.

A number of people who discovered they made a mistake have become vocal opponents of GRS as a solution for a transgender diagnosis. I sincerely emphasize with their plight - I can't imagine having gone through a gender transition and GRS only to discover you had made a huge mistake.

A few such regretful people became bull horns for the premise transgendersim doesn't even exist as a diagnosis and pushed for GRS to be ignored as a solution for resolving trans issues.

Considering the outcomes associated with failures is important to any evaluation in search of a solution. However, most of us try and narrow in on those cases that were successful - and then compare them to the failures - in an effort to find a workable long term answer.