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America's Foremost Transgender Woman


My Future

My Story: The
BeautifulUgly Girl

I sometimes laughingly compare my life journey to a roach surviving a scamper across a kitchen floor. Was also hated, stomped upon, faced insane obstacles - even poisoned - yet like the roach?

I’m still here. I’m beautiful because I survived.

Back from the Brink
I was homeless, destitute and kicked out of the “good ole boys” club plus every other association from my past.

I’m now back from that brink, financially secure and face fewer issues dealing with business elite. I don’t live an exotic lifestyle - doubt I ever will - even if I accomplish my newest goals. The most coveted milestone from my current success was a fully funded retirement. I once carried a debilitating fear of becoming an old, destitute transgender woman. My lack of surviving family & personal circumstances rang that bell extra loud. I’m blessed to be past that concern.

I recently enjoyed my first business accolade “as a woman” when I was included in a recent book profiling fifty leading women in technology from Atlanta. The fact others were far more impressive made this especially touching.

CLIMB: Leading Women in Technology Share Their Journeys to Success

The book is available at the
WIT website and includes some amazing stories & insights. It’s well worth the $29.95 price plus all the money goes to help directly in helping women find more success: a great combo!

My Final Chapters

Just finished organizing my next business venture which I hope to launch in late 2014. Nothing major but I hope to make it successful. I’m also an active investor in commercial real estate and plan to expand those holdings throughout my life. Regardless of the size of my next platform - I’ll keep moving forward.

I survived years of shame from my need to express an alternative gender, my father’s issues, my sister’s suicide, my gender transition, the death of my immediate family, drug addiction, an ugly attack to my person plus the loss of my home and means of making a living.

Renee Reyes Future

Hit bottom.

Rose up.

I’m thriving: successful and chasing a better ending to this odyssey my friends often call “that crazy Atlanta tranny’s life”.

Exactly what’s on my horizon? Who knows? If I knew all I would face beforehand - doubt I could have made the journey.

You can count on one thing: it won’t be boring. :)

Thanks for listening and may God bless each and every one of you in your journey.