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Urban Dictionary: Transgender Slangs

Had enough unique terminology about trans-women? Guess what? There’s just a bit more - including some common slangs we use to describe ourselves and other trans-women.

Deep Stealth


Stealth is a term used by transsexuals to describe how well they pass in public without notice of the fact they’re transgender. There’s also the term “deep stealth” which serves as a reference to elect transsexual women who were both able and desirous to completely erase their prior male identity and maintain a “deep stealth” presence in their new gender - essentially where no one or almost no one knows their gender history. In today’s world of ease in accessing information and records regarding anyone’s past coupled with increased public awareness of transgender women operating in public, deep stealth is very rare and also usually unnecessary.

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Transsexual vs. Crossdresser


Fishy is a term trans -women will use to describe a transgender woman whose presentation and look is very similar to naturally born females.

Getting “Read”

Reading a trans-woman means you were able to deduce she’s transgender fro,m some aspect of her femme presentation. Trans-women constantly work to improve their total picture where they don’t get easily read.


PMMA Injections Booty

Pumped is a term used to describe a transsexual woman whose undergone the use of silicone injections (pumped full of silicone) to augment and enhance her male body into a more feminine looking platform. The process of adding silicone injections directly into the body is illegal in the US and lives amongst an underground society culture of DRAG performers and tram-escorts - where features such as larger hips and buttocks equates to higher pay. Its a potentially dangerous but affordable means for a trans woman to quickly appear more feminine. There’s another product used in latin American countries called PMMA that’s a bit safer for such treatments but is also illegal in the US. When you see a transsexual woman with an oversized ass, facial features or lips? She’s pumped. In older times,


Passable is a term used by both cross dressers and transsexual women to describe a subjective line in the gender sand when a person is able to present their new gender is a way where the general public is not immediately aware their transgender. For cross dressers, this definition is usually more liberal than applied to transsexuals sine a CD is passable if no one notices “while” she’s a woman. Since a TS usually lives 24/7 as a woman, being “passable” applies to more circumstances and varieties of events. Also, numerous trans-women are passable in their appearance but not with a particular aspect of their presentation. Transgender women most often get figured out from the use of their voices.

Fishy & Flawless


Flawless is another term trans -women will use to describe another transgender woman who looks and presents outstanding in her female gender. If she’s flawless? Almost no one can tell she was born as a male.

Full Time

Full time is a common term transsexual women use to describe when and how long they’ve lived full-time as a woman. It’s a very big deal to a transsexual woman when she first goes “Full time”.


24 / 7-is another term transsexual women use to describe their transition. If a girl is 24/7? That means she lives and works as a woman 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In comparison, some girls are only part-time in their transgender expression.

Part Time

A part time transgender girl is just that - only “part time” in her gender presentation. That means she still lives most of her life as a man. Lots of transgender women find an optimal equation between both genders as a “part time” trans woman.

Fetish Crossdresser


A closeted trans woman is a gal whose usually part time and whose friends and family aren’t aware of her transgender leanings or activity.


NSA is a term used in some erotic personal ads. It’s an acronym for “No Strings Attached”. Meaning? A relationship with no meaning beyond a sexual connection.