Transition Guide for TS Females

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What did I look like before my gender transition?

There’s hope for everyone!
Some transgender gals start their journey with near flawless feminine platforms: a smaller, slender frame; little or no facial hair, full lips, long natural hair...ugh!  Don't feel bad if they piss you off: we all hate those bitches!  *Grin*

Caroline “Tula” Cossey remains the poster-child for an ideal basis for a gender-switch. This former Bond-girl's long, lean form only told half the story as Tula was born with not one, not two...but three X-chromosomes to offset that pesky "Y" we battle from genetic onset.

She remains a hero to many trans-gals, including me. Not only because of her stunning presentation but also the chasms she crossed: indeed an important pioneer for our cause.
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Unfortunately, most of us don't start with such an ideal foundation. In fact, many of us start with a masculine reality that causes friends to chuckle when we share plans to switch teams.

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Not every transsexual woman started off as a “natural”
If it's any consolation, I was not a “natural” - physically-speaking. In fact, about the only thing female about me when I began this odyssey was my desire. I ballooned over 210 lb. after I gave up DRAG and any hopes of transition - it was a long road back to feminine form.

It's probably worth noting that there's one decent byproduct of not being a natural. Those of us that start our journey from the plain-Jane category are usually less likely to get caught up in trying to win the rat-race of being most beautiful.

I shall forever recall a conversation with a gal at SCC back in 2005 just after I'd completed the bulk of my physical transformation. As we talked, I offered ideas for approaching her own transformation. She quickly cut me off: saying I didn’t understand because "I was a natural".

A natural? Me?

I don't think so...*Laugh*    

I was a lot of things before my gender transition. Naturally feminine? That was never one of them. Alas, I'm proud to be a card-carrying member of the unnatural-beauties.

If I could do this?

Anybody can.